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Lot nr:985
Book nr:34053
Author:GELLIUS, Aulus
Title:Noctes redditae. nuper omini discussa caligine micantissimae. Ed. C. Aldobrandus
Publisher:Philippi de Giunta
Description:8vo, [16]+330 ff, with fine renaissance border enclosing the title, numerous woodcut initials. Nicely printed in Giunta's fine italic. Folio 327 slightly torn. 18th c. calf binding (rebacked), mottled edges
Note:Ref. Adams G-342; BM Italian books p.294. Heraldic bookplates of Mathew Wilson and Frances Mary Richardson Currer, most famous of English women collectors. This copy sold by Maggs Bross in 1958
Price:€300 - €500
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