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Lot nr:926
Book nr:36073
Title:Nouveau Theatre de la guerre aux Pays Bas, ou Carte g?n?rale du Duch? de Brabant et partie de la Hollande
Description:6 sheets with 24 maps together, the maps measure 20,5 x 29,5 cm. No title page. This large wall map is mounted on linen, 4 maps together per sheet. Limits hand coloured. Modern box
Note:Ref. Koeman C & M 19. "Although the name of Covens & Mortier is given in this small atlas (the reason why it is often catalogued under this name), it is in fact an anonymous publication, and a mutual undertaking as well. No less than 11 names of book dealers are given on the title-page, but no Amsterdam shopkeeper is amongst them"
Price:€700 - €900
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