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Book nr:32989
Title:Textus Biblie cum Glosa ordinaria, Nicolai de Lyra postilla, Moralitatibus eiusdem, Pauli Burgensis Additionibus, Matthie Thoring Replicis, edente P. Conrado Leontorio Mulbronnen
Publisher:Jo. Froben and Adam Petri
Year:1506, die ultimo Iunij)
Description:Folio (33 x 22,5 cm), 377 ff. Text in two or three columns, 78 lines, in gothic script, entirely rubricated in red. Hundreds of printed lombards and some spaces with guide-letters. First volume only: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numerorum, Deuteronomius. Some marginal dampstaining (mostly at the end). Some errors in pagination.
Remarkable contemporary binding of brown calf on wooden boards, blind-tooled, spine renewed, traces of clasps, bronze on the corners. In ink on for edge: "Gene. exo. levit. nu. Deutero."
Note:Ref. VD 16 B 2583. Adams B 985. Ms. ex libris on title page (Conventus Namurcensis FF Carmelitarum excalceatorum).
The splendid late Gothic print was still made in incunabula style, the text is surrounded by commentaries. The mostly schematic woodcuts show illustrations of biblical themes, among other, Noah's Arch, the Ark of the Covenant and the Decalogue. First printed in 1498, see BMC III, 791-792.
NICHOLAS of LYRA (+1340), a Franciscan teacher, should be ranked among the foremost exegetes of all times. Nicholas utilized all sources available to him, fully mastered Hebrew and drew copiously from Rashi and other rabbinic commentaries. (The report that he was of Jewish descent dates only from the fifteenth century.) He labored very successfully, both in preaching and writing, for the conversion of the Jews. However, Nicholas showed respect to Jews as well Christians, basically differed from Luther's views. (Catholic Encyclopedia, 1913)
Price:€1400 - €2000
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