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Lot nr:191
Book nr:36010
Author:CANGIULLO, Francesco (1884-1977)
Title:Ritratto di Marinetti (ca. 1922)
Description:Proofprint (28 x 21 cm) in black on red board (36.7 x 30.8 cm). On verso 2 collector stamps 'De Distel/ Em. Maeyens/ Antwerpen' and 'E.M.' (Em. Maeyens). We add two other proofs of the same on white papers (one handmade); the first in black ink and stamp 'E.M' on verso and the second in red ink with the stamp 'De Distel/ Em.Maeyens/ Antwerpen' on the verso (3)
Note:In the visualization of Futurist words-in-freedom, Francesco Cangiullo was an outstanding figure. Later he began a fantastic deformation of writing, reducing it to an image of its alphabetic origin. (Pontus/Hulten, Seite 440).
This prints are proofs for the periodical 'Het Overzicht' (Antwerpen, 1921-1925).
Gangiullo was one of the autors of 'Manifesti futuristi'.
Price:€600 - €900
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