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Lot nr:434
Book nr:32553
Author:SCHWITTERS, Kurt (Allemagne 1887-1948 Angleterre).-van DOESBURG, Theo (Utrecht 1883-1931 Davos)
Title:Kleine Dada Soir?e
Description:Colour lithography, 30 x 30 cm (small pine holes in corners, little spot in the center, 2 folds). In 1923 Schwitters and the Dutch artist Theo van Doesburg embarked on a tour of Holland to introduce Dada to local artists and the public through lectures and performances. Van Doesburg's pamphlet Wat is Dada was for sale at the close of each stop. The poster for the Small Dada Evening includes the event program, which lists ragtime music by the composer Erik Satie, abstract poetry by Schwitters, and Dadasofie by Doesburg. The poster is decorated with multi-lingual slogans including: Dada est contre le futur, Dada est mort, Dada est idiot, vive Dada !
Note:Ref: Rare avant-garde poster produced by two protagonist of Dada, Kurt Schwitters and Theo van Doesburg. Schwitters, painter also active in Constructivism, Surrealism and Modernism, is particularly known for his collages called Merz. Van Doesburg was not only a painter and an architect but also a theoretician and the founder of the international movement and journal De Stijl. He propagated, together with Piet Mondriaan, pure geometrical abstraction in art and architecture as can be seen in the Aubette at Strasbourg, where he collaborated with Hans Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp, or in his private house in Meudon. Ref. D. Ades.-Posters. The 20th Century Poster. Design of the Avant-Garde. New York, Abbeville Press, n.d., pp. 38 (illustration), 215
Price:€2800 - €3600
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