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Lot nr:1182
Book nr:33957
Author:CICERO, Marcus Tullius
Title:Commentarii Philippicarum Marci Ciceronis cum Annotationibus Georgii Trapezuntii Philippi Beroaldi et Maturantii diligentissime recogniti ...
Publisher:Jehan Petit
Year:s.d. [1507-16]
Description:In-4?, [4] + 184 ff, title in red and black gothic letter, fine cribl? printer's device on title page. Cribl? initials. Marginal annotations. Wormholes. Paper binding, first hinge weak
Note:Cicero's violent speeches against Antony (In M. Antonium Philippica) were neither forgiven nor forgotten, with the result that Cicero was proscribed and killed in 43 BC.
This is a beautifully printed edition of the Philippica, with the commentaries of three Italian humanists surrounding the text. Petit was the publisher, the printer was Thomas Caseus. Thomas Kees (Caseus) Wesaliensis, was a printer at Paris 1507-1516. Ref. IJsewijn, Myricae, (2000), p. 202.
Scarce, not found in recent auction records, only 2 copies in WorldCat. Ref. Schweiger II, 145
Price:€180 - €260
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