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Lot nr:1138
Book nr:34367
Author:RYCQUIUS, Justus (1587-1627)
Title:De Capitolio romano commentarius
Publisher:Cornelius Marius
Description:In-4?, [16]+ 179+ [12] pp, engraved device on title-page (Chr. Van Sichem), woodcut and engraved illustrations. Contemporary vellum binding, title in ink on spine
Note:FIRST EDITION of Rycquius's guide to the Capitoline Hill, published shortly after Rycquius returned home following six years spent in Rome and Perugia.
Ref. Vanderhaeghen, Bib. gantoise n? 734. (Devant la premi?re page doit se trouver une grande planche grav?e repr?sentant le vieux Capitole. Cette planche manque ? quelques exemplaires.)
Provenance: William Trumbull Esq., armorial bookplate (perhaps William Trumbull, c. 1580-1635, resident in Brussels for James I, or his son William, 1594-1668, or his son Sir William, 1639-1716, an ambassador who is known to have amassed a substantial library of around 2,500 books)
Price:€280 - €400
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