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Lot nr:926
Book nr:31385
Author:[INCUNABEL] Alexander de NEVO
Title:Consilia contra Judaeos fenerantes
Publisher:Friedrich Creussner
Description:In-f? (273 x 187 mm), [44] ff, 35 lines. Rubricated, capitals in red. Some very pale dampstaining. Lacking first and last blank leaf. Modern cardboard binding, red edges
Note:Ref. BMC-II, p. 451; Hain *802; GW-894; Proctor 2149; Polain 119; Goff A-410. Alessandro Nievo's (c.1419-1484) analysis of the Church's view of Jewish moneylenders. This work relates to the question of whether or not usury is permissible. "The issue of usury was important in medieval and early modern Europe. Traditionally, the Catholic Church forbade Christians to lend money to other Christians at interest. This situation made it difficult for people to raise capital, and since the need for capital was persistent, many Christians were open to finding ways to work around the prohibition. One solution was to allow non-Catholics to practice moneylending. In this consilium, Alessandro Nievo argued that Jewish moneylending ought to be forbidden on the basis of the Church's responsibility for Jewish souls"
Price:€1200 - €2000
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