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Lot nr:721
Book nr:31569
Author:INNOCENT III, pope
Title:De sacra altaris mysterio, libri sex. Eiusdem de contemptu mundi
Publisher:apud Ioannem Steelsium
Description:In-8?, [12]-176 ff, woodcut printer's device on last page. Ms. ex libris on title page erased. Contemp. vellum binding, title in ink on spine
Note:Ref. Adams I-127; Nijh. Kron. 1167; not in Machiels.
Pope Innocent III greatly extended the scope of the crusades, directing crusades against Muslim Spain and the Holy Land as well as the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars in southern France. He organized the Fourth Crusade of 1202-1204, which ended in the disastrous sack of Constantinoplea. In this book he gives a description and exegesis of the liturgy. The second part 'liber de contemptu mundi sive de miseria conditionis humanae' enumerates human sins and deals with the decay of the human corpse and the Last Judgment
Price:€120 - €180
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