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Lot nr:482
Book nr:30013
Title:Album with photographs illustrating Japonism in San Francisco & Chicago in the 1890s and a set of travel photos of Honolulu
Year:ca. 1890
Description:Folio oblong album with four series of photographs, alltogether 48 albumen prints, various sizes (most around 24 x 19 cm).
Original late 19th century album with floral and insect motives, all edges gilt. All albumen prints are mounted on cardboard
1) 9 photos (around 1890) of street and interior views (San Francisco, 22-24 Geary Street) of Ichi Ban, a sale exhibition of Japanese manufactures (and other oriental countries).
2) 9 photos (1894) of street and interior views (Chicago, State Street and 144 on Jackson) of Nee Ban, the second Japanese exhibition/store that opened at the Old Tobey Building in June 1894.
3) 18 product images of among others a samurai armour, room dividers, basketry and lacquerware
4) 12 photos (late 19th c.) of a trip to Honolulu: the Iolani Palace, street views and landscapes (waterfalls)
Note:Ichi Ban was the brainchild of Horace Fletcher, who at various times was a whaler, merchant seaman, commander of a Chinese pirate lorcha, champion marksman, military instructor to the Japanese Army and Navy, boxing promoter, Lieutenant Colonel in the California National Guard, importer, multi-millionaire, amateur painter, diet and health expert, owner of a Venetian palazzo, and friend of Henry James and Mark Twain. (Business Philosopher, Volume 4. January, 1908).
Horace Fletcher (1849-1919) will be mostly remembered as the American diet expert who earned the nickname "The Great Masticator", by arguing that food should be chewed about 100 times per minute before being swallowed. "Fletcherising" became one of the first diet hypes in the early 1900s.
Price:€600 - €900
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