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Lot nr:417
Book nr:32620
Author:MIDDELEER, Joseph (1865-1934)
Description:Oil on canvas (67 x 87 cm), signed below right. Frame from the period
Note:Joseph Middeleer (Ixelles, 1865 - Assebroek, 1934 or 1939) was a Belgian painter and aquarellist known for his genre scenes, figures, landscapes and still lifes. He was an academically trained artist whose style and themes reflected initially the retro genre style of Belgian Romantic-historical painting. He also dealt with social realist themes and in the 1890s he painted a number of symbolist works.
Middeleer participated in the salons of L'Art id?aliste starting from 1896. The initiative for these salons was taken by Jean Delville, a symbolist painter, author and Theosophist. Delville supported idea-based art which expresses philosophical ideals derived from contemporary hermetic and esoteric traditions. The idealist movement was against impressionism and realism in art. Around this time Middeleer also started painting symbolist paintings such as Inspiration Enchanting angels. These works are also close to those of the Pre-Raphaelites. He also participated in the so-called 'Gestes Esth?tiques' between 1892-1897 together with, among others, Fernand Khnopff. These symbolist art salons were initiated by the Frenchman Joseph P?ladan. P?ladan regarded art to be of divine origin. Middeleer was influenced by this line of thought as is evident from the prominent presence of the Christ figure on several of his drawings. A well-known symbolic painting by Middeleer is The demoniac that is sometimes compared to Fernand Khnopff's Sleeping Medusa
Price:€450 - €800
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