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Lot nr:895
Book nr:27212
Author:BOZIO, Tommaso (1548-1610)
Title:De signis ecclesiae Dei, libri XXIIII
Publisher:Jacob Teorneri
Description:2 vol. in-f?, [36], 572, [58] pp ; [28], 618 pp, pp 627-638, [76] pp. Two different title vignettes in copper engraving (one with a coat of arms, the other with the sign IHS). Beautiful woodcut initials, some (marginal) water staining, foxing, some marginal wormholes in the second part. Error in pagination, no pages are missing between p. 618 and 627. Old vellum bindings, title gilt on spine
Note:Tommaso Bozio e wrote a series of biographies of saints organized by country. These lives of the saints were never published, but became the basis for 'De signis ecclesiae Dei'. This is the first edition of Bozio's principal work. Later he turned his attention to the problem of Niccolo Machiavelli's writings, to the point that he became their first and perhaps most authoritative expert. This edition not in Adams, not in Machiels. Only one copy found in auction records of the last 30 years. Provenance: Bibliotheek Mari?nhage, Utrecht, Nijmegen
Price:€380 - €500
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