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Lot nr:919
Book nr:26537
Title:Pastorale (Regula pastoralis)
Publisher:Martin Flach
Description:4to (195 x 135 mm), [152] lvs, 24 lines, 2- 3- and 4- line initials nicely supplied in red, rubricated throughout. Printed in Gothic type. Water stains on some lvs, corner of the first leaf torn, without loss.
Bound with: Antonius de BUTRIO. Speculum de confessione. Vicenza, Herm. Liechtenstein (Levilapis), 31 January 1476. 4to, [58] lvs, 26 lines, 3- line initials nicely supplied in red, sometimes extending into the margins. Rubricated throughout. Printed in Roman type.
Bound in contemp. red sheepskin over wooden boards, divided into diagonally shaped compartments, with 10 brass brosses, new brass catch, new endleaves, spine and corners skillfully repaired
Note:1) Hain-Cop. 7982 ; BMC III, 739 ; Goff G-437 ; Geldner I, 117
Rare edition, the first work printed in the first state of this attractive type of the Basle printer Martin Flach, who is not to be confused with his namesake and colleague Martin Flach at Strassburg. The year of printing has been ascertained by a copy with a manuscript date 1472 in the Biblioth?que Nationale. Flach began printing in Basel in about 1472, though his first dated book is from 1475. His distinctive Gothic typeface is very elegant with many curls and flourishes. Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great), ca. 540-604, was a very fertile author. His "Regula pastoralis" sets out the directives for the pastoral life of a bishop; it became the textbook of the medieval episcopate.
2) Hain-Cop. 4184 ; GW 5828 ; BMC VII, 1036 ; Goff B-1345
First and only separate edition of this work, which is also of juridical interest. Antonius de Butrio (died 1408) was professor of ecclesiastical law at Bologne, Perugia, Florence and Ferrara
Price:€5000 - €7000
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