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Lot nr:487
Book nr:26043
Author:JUAN de la CRUZ
Title:Opera mystica V ac mystici doctoris F. Ioannis a Cruci primi religiosi discalceati ordinis B.V.M. de Monte Carmelo, et seraphicae virginis Theresiae fidelissimi coadiutoris ...
Town:Coloniae Agrippinae
Publisher:Bernard. Gulather
Description:4to, 24 lvs, 469 pp, 15 lvs, 200 pp, 2 lvs, with a full-page copper engraving (the Ascent of Mount Carmel). Title page loosening, lacking engraved title, some old underlinings, some pages browned. Bound in half vellum, title in ink on spine, a bit soiled, red edges.
Bound with: Een Goddelyke Boodschap aen de Menschen uyt liefde bekent gemaekt (2 pp)
Note:Palau 292.708. Villiers, Bibl. Carmel. I, 84, 4 and II, 498. First Latin edition, translated from Spanish. Part 1: Ascensus montis Carmeli (the Ascent of Mount Carmel), part 2: Obscura nox animae (Dark Night of the Soul), part 3: Flamma amoris viva (Living Flame of Love), part 4: Canticum spirituale inter animam et christum sponsum (Spiritual Canticle), part 5: Elucidatio
Price:€140 - €200
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