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Lot nr:746
Book nr:35953
Title:Book of Hours, in Latin and Dutch, use of WINDESHEIM
Town:Flanders (probably Bruges)
Description:8vo, [145] ff. Manuscript on vellum illuminated by an unidentified artist. Leaves measuring ca. 173 x 115 mm. (writing area: ca. 98 x 62 mm.) with regular text (littera textualis by the hand of one scribe) in brown and red ink in a single column Text-leaves: 18 lines.
With EIGHT LARGE ILLUMINATED ARCH-TOPPED MINIATURES, 23 leaves with 4 illuminated borders and 5-7-lines initials, 16 leaves with 3 illuminated borders. Decoration of the borders is very rich, not only with flowers and acanthus leaves, but also with strawberries, flowers, little animals, angels, two men fighting, a snake with a woman's head, etc. Lombards used as initials, are in gold, blue and white.
Leaf 48 loose, on f. 109 an element of the ornamental border has been erased. Sometimes the margins of the miniatures are slightly shorter than of the text lvs. On some versos of the miniatures a later hand has written prayers in Latin. Two miniatures are reinforced with paper at verso. Margins of some text lvs also short.
Contents: on f. 2v a beautiful wheel with penwork in red, green and blue to find the golden number. Calendar (lacking May-August) Donatianus in red (14/10) points to BRUGES; Hours of the Virgin use of Windesheim ; Officium beate Marie Virginis ; Obsecro te ; Prayers to John, Katharina, Barbara, Margareta ; Recordare Domine ; Psalms ; Litany ; Incipit vigilie mortuorum (Office of the Death, use of Windesheim).
Before the calendar, the instructions on how to calculate the date of the moveable feast of Easter are in Dutch, mentions the year M.CCCC. en XCI.
Bound in an early 16th-cent. brown calf binding, on wooden boards, both paneled covers, with blind tooling (rubbed), "Maria Mater Gratiae ... Tu nos ab hoste protege ...", spine renewed, corners skillfully repaired. Both covers lacking claps, lacking catches of upper boards
Note:Probably made for a lady associated with a convent of the WINDESHEIM congregation, depicted in prayer before the Virgin and Child (f. 7). She is dressed in black with a white headdress.
Miniatures: f. 7v (domine labia mea aperies) Madonna enthroned with child ; 36v (ad laudes) the Visitation ; 48v (ad terciam) Annunciation to the Shepherds ; 51v (ad sextam) Resurrection of Lazarus ; 54v (ad nonam) Adoration of the Magi ; 57v (ad vesperis) Presentation in the Temple ; 64v (ad completorium) Flight into Egypt ; 108v King David.
Provenance: ex bibliotheca Cong. S. Redemptoris Leodii
Price:€22000 - €28000
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