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Lot nr:857
Book nr:32964
Author:LYCOSTHENES, Conradus Wolffhart
Title:Prodigiorum ac Ostentorum Chronicon, quae praeter naturae ordinem, motum, et operationem, et in superioribus & his inferioribus mundi regionibus, ab exordio mundi usque ad haec nostra tempora, acciderunt
Publisher:Henricus Petrus
Description:In-f (28,2 x 18,8 cm), [xii]-670-[ii] pp, illustrated with one to four 1/6 page woodcuts to almost every page (many repeats), one double- and two full-page woodcuts, several by H.R. Manuel Deutsch and David Kandel. Title-page with 1/3 page woodcut divided into 17 panels representing natural catastrophes, monsters, episodes from Jesus's life, and God at the centre, printer's woodcut device on last page. Upper margin of title page cut and repaired.
An excellent copy with some very slight (marginal) staining only. 18th full mottled calf, richly ornamented gilt spine, ends of spine worn, corners bumped, red mottled edges
Note:Ref. Adams W-250; Caillet III:11470; Thorndike VI, 489; Durling 2878; Wellcome I:3917; Brunet III p. 1249; Graesse IV, p. 310
First edition of this interesting and entertaining record of extraordinary events between the origin of the world and 1557. After the destruction of the Tower of Babel, God created all sorts of monstrosities, such as men and women with hair all-over their bodies, with four eyes, with a long neck and beak, with hooves, with no head and a face in the middle of the chest, with just one enormous foot, and so on. All of these bizarre creatures, including an androgyne, a cannibal roasting a beheaded body, a woman laying eggs, and much more, are portrayed in a host of bold and appealing woodcuts, as well as the horrid quadrupeds, reptiles, marine monsters and mythological birds described in the following parts of this amazing book. The illustration on p. 494, resembling a spaceship sighted in Arabia in 1479, is considered to be the earliest depiction of a UFO. Prodigy books were enormously popular in the mid 16th century
Price:€3400 - €5000
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