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Lot nr:900
Book nr:28772
Author:LUTHER, Martin
Title:Collection of 5 editions in 8vo, of which 3 in first edition
Description:1) Enarratio Psalmi XC per D. Doctorem Martinum Lutherum, in Schola Vitebergensi, Anno. 1534. publice absoluta. Vitebergae, 1541. Colophon: per Vitum Creuzer 1541. 8vo, [80] ff. Title within woodcut border (small marginal tear). Old ms. owner's mark in Greek. Ref. Benzing 3360 ; VD16 L 4531. FIRST EDITION
2) Praelectio D. Martini Lutheri in psalmum XLV. VVittebergae, 1533. Colophon: per Ioannem Lufft anno 34. 8vo, [111] ff. Woodcut printer's device on last page. Ref. Benzing 3112 ; VD16 L 5676. FIRST EDITION.
3) Enarratio psalmorum. Dilexi. Credidi, propter quod locutus sum. Confitemini. Interprete Casparo Crucigero. VVitebergae, 1542. Colophon: per Iosephum Klug. 8vo, [96] ff. Title within woodcut border. Ref. VD16 C 5842
4) Enarratio psalmorum LI. miserere mei Deus & CXXX. De profundis clamavi. per D. Mart. Lutherum. Adiecta est etiam Savonarolae Meditatio in Psalmum LI. 1538. Colophon: Argentorati apud Cratonem Mylium, an. M.D.XXXVIII. mense sept. 8vo, 308, [4] pp. Woodcut printer's device on title page and on last page. Ref. Benzing 3273 ; VD16 L 4536. FIRST EDITION. Some waterstains.
5) [Veit DIETRICH] Erudita et pia psalmi dixit dominus enaratio, VVitembergae nata, & nunc primum aedita. Norimbergae, apud Iohan. Montanum, 1543. 8vo, [48] ff. Woodcut printer's mark on title page. Marginal annotations. Ref. VD 16, D 1567
Bound in contemporary pigskin over wooden boards, blindtooling, dated 1543. With putti playing music. Lower board slightly rubbed. With bronze clasps. Attractive copy
Note:3) Caspar Creuziger or Caspar Cruciger (1504-1548) was a secretary to and worked with Martin Luther.
4) Girolamo Savonarola (1452-1498) wrote his meditation on Psalm 51 (the Miserere) in prison, before being condemned as heretic and sentenced to die.
5) Veit Dietrich (1506-1547) became Luther's housemate and a close confidant. As such he accompanied Luther to the Marburg Colloquy and stayed with him during the Diet of Augsburg in 1530 at the Fortress of Coburg.
Price:€1800 - €2400
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